About us

Bitch shop – The Bitchez Guild

We adore powerful woman – independent, assertive and fearless.
A Bitch is our inspiration, goal and message.

Being a bitch means having your voice heard and getting your things done.

She is strong, knows her self-worth, courageous and most importantly confident.
When life is tough, she fights and does not give up. She knows that expressing her vulnerabilities does not make her weak, but beautiful and strong.

A bitch never settles for anything less than she deserves.Because all of that, a bitch always was, is and shall be an l’enfant terrible.

The Bitchez Guild adores powerful woman – independent, assertive and fearless. We praise for women’s strength and expression of her feelings, including anger and frustration.

Bitchez, unite!

And Bitchez, don’t forget to join us on this journey, follow, like and share and most importantly, freely express your Bitchiness!

For Bitchez,
– by Bitchez!